Stadt und Land gemeinsam denken

Agents of regional transformation

Climate change, the mobility turn or circular processes reducing waste of all kind – these are  main topics around the world. But how can they become a reality on the ground? How can traditional procurements be changed in an acceptable time-frame? How can the people become part of a desirable change and drive it as agents of transformation?

In times of the pandemic the project had to develop new ways of reaching out: a virtual expert meeting, key interviews, an online base to report on progress … Research and action will be going on in the next months to gather a critical mass for change.

On November 16th 2020 distinguished experts from the fields of mobility and governance met to sharpen ideas on a post-fossile future outside large urban cores and record their findings in a position paper.

  • Dr. habil Weert Canzler, expert in social science based mobility and technology research (WZB)
  • Prof. Philipp Dechow (HfT Stuttgart / ISA), experienced with Transit Oriented Development worldwide
  • Prof. Oliver Hall (TH-OWL / ASTOC), pioneer planner to facilitate cooperation in urban/rural conditions
  • Eleonore Harmel, co-founder of studio amore, a think-tank and collaborative design practice in rural contexts
  • Imke Mumm, planner and co-author of “City of the many”, doing a doctorate on planning codes 
  • Dr. Frank Pagel, multi-modal expert and managing director of the mobility experiment regiomove Karlsruhe
  • Ulrich Passlick, experienced urban planning officer and inventor/ founder of the NRW inner-city network
  • Prof. Frank Roost (University Kassel), urban and regional planner with expertise in sub-urban structures
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