Hi, I’m Anna Stegmiller, research assistant at urbanes.land. I live and work in Stuttgart.

M.A. Architecture

Feel free to contact me via email at anna.stegmiller@urbanes.land

Anna Stegmiller is a research associate and co-designer in the research area urbanes.land at Biberach University of Applied Sciences. She supports the team within various project-specific work areas and is primarily involved in the two research projects Dazwischenstand and Strategie Neckarufer. She is responsible for the organization of online and face-to-face events, such as the "Transfer-Forum", a 4-part online event that will take place between November 2021 and February 2022, as well as the organization of conferences and drafts of project proposals. Anna completed her master's degree at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart in the field of architecture. Her main focus was placed on urban design with sustainable and strategic urban planning. Previously, she has gained professional experience in the areas of architectural design and planning as well as managing and supervising construction sites for large-scale projects. Her current work focuses on resilient transformations as well as strategic, spatial development of cities and peripheral settlement structures of medium density and rural areas. Her main emphasis lies on a holistic understanding of the particular field and an interdisciplinary approach with various stakeholders in order to identify problems and develop strategies in a multi-layered way.

Current research and innovative practise

Researcher Stadt und Land gemeinsam denken _ Agents of Regional Transformation in South West Germany
Researcher Strategie Neckarufer _ Co-Design Processes for a new relation to the river 
More Projects

2021 Urban Roadmap, Master Thesis, academy award 2020/21 @ABKStuttgart | 2020 Zukunft des urbanen Lebens, in und außerhalb von Agglomerationsräumen, Master Thesis (Academic Paper) @ABKStuttgart | 2020 Vergesst das Allgäu nicht!, 3.Prize – competition∙bautec 2020 (Studenten gestalten Zukunft) | 2019 Urbanizing Ethiopia, Urban Africa in the Context of Rapid Urbanisation (Tools & Strategic Design)

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