Speaker Overview


ULM/GER | 26.09.2019

Kerstin Gothe

KIT, Karlsruhe, DE

Professor emeritus Kerstin Gothe is an architect and urban planner with a specific expertise on rural and peri-urban conditions. She has been Head of the Department of Regional Planning and Development of Rural Areas at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and launched several initiatives to put the topic on the agenda.

Andreas Hofer

IBA27, Stuttgart, DE

Andreas Hofer is the Director of the International Building Exhibition IBA27 StadtRegion Stuttgart. Before that he has played a major role in putting cooperative housing back on Zurich’s urban development agenda. He is a critical practitioner with thorough theoretical positions.

Georgeen Theodore

Interboro Partners, New York, US

Georgeen Theodore is co-founder of Interboro, an award-winning, Brooklyn-based firm offering inventive and inclusive design and planning services. Their participatory, place-specific approach creates consensus around complex projects ranging from open spaces to neighbourhood, city and regional plans.

Paola Viganò

Studio Paola Viganò, Milan, IT

Paola Viganò is an influential Professor of Urbanism in Venezia and Lausanne. She has coined the term “Horizontal Metropolis” and calls for a radical shift in the understanding and conceptual framing on how to approach the challenges of global urbanization.

Ute M. Meyer

urbanes.land, Biberach + Stuttgart, DE

Ute M. Meyer has started the urbanes.land initiative at Biberach University of Applied Sciences. She is convinced that evidence-based analysis, political dialogue and critical participation are the three key elements to shape an innovative planning practice outside urban cores.

Tom Holbrook

5th Studio, Cambridge and London, UK

Tom Holbrook is a founding director of 5th Studio Architecture and Urbanism, London and Professor for Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT University, Melbourne. His spatial design approach works across the fields of architecture, urban design, infrastructure and landscape.

Philipp Rode

LSE, London, UK

Dr. Philipp Rode is a researcher, consultant and advisor at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has been a driving force for the Urban Age conference, that brought together political leaders, urban practitioners, private sector representatives and academic experts in over a dozen world cities.

Christoph Hupfer

University of Applied Sciences, Karlsruhe, DE

Christoph Hupfer is Professor for Mobility Planning and an expert on integrated transport and information management. He is an engineer practicing urban planning and combines theory and practice in unexpectedly radical but feasible models for urban mobility.

Alexander Wetzig

Former major, Ulm, DE

Alexander Wetzig has been Deputy Major for Building and Urban Development in Ulm for more than two decades. He has been markedly influential in the city’s development and today is President of the HfG Foundation.

Martin Spalek

urbanes.land, Biberach + Berlin, DE

Martin Spalek is programme coordinator and research associate at the urbanes.land initiative with a soft spot for large scale infrastructure projects. He is also part of Officina Collective – a art- and research cooperation framing developments outside of Berlins city core.

Leona Lynen

Haus der Statistik, Berlin, DE

Leona Lynen is an urban researcher and city maker. She is a driving force in ‘Haus der Statistik’ Berlin, a model project for co-operative, mixed-use city-making that is oriented towards the common good. Leona is an expert for co-productive urban development and civic ecosystems.

Isabel Finkenberger

Studio if+, Cologne, DE

Isabel Maria Finkenberger is an urban planner, architect and manager of urban processes. She is Professor for Urban Transformation and Process Design at Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Isabel advocates a reflexive design process as a new urban practice.

Gerd Leipold

Climate Transparency, Biberach + Berlin, DE

Gerd Leipold is an internationally respected consultant on climate and sustainability issues. In leading positions he has shaped Greenpeace Germany and Greenpeace International over many years and is now heading the International Secretariat of Climate Transparency.

Dirk Neumann

 Institute for Sustainable Urbanism (ISU), Braunschweig, DE

Dirk Neumann is an urban planner and architect working across all scales. He is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism (ISU) in Braunschweig. Dirk has a background in inter- and transdisciplinary work and is the lead of the urban/rural relationship research at the institute.

Mario Flammann

AKBW, Chair Strategic Group Stadt/Land, DE

Mario Flammann is an architect and urban planner based in Stuttgart. He is chairman of the architectural association’s strategy group working on urban – rural issues and has a profound experience in urban planning practice.

Christian Schmid

ETH Zürich, CH

Christian Schmid is a geographer, sociologist and urban researcher. He is Professor of Sociology at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich. He has taken a critical view at stereotypical understandings of global urbanization patterns and urban-rural relationships.

Thomas Auer

Transsolar, Stuttgart, DE

Thomas Auer is managing director of Transsolar, a distinguished Climate Engineering practice. He is a professor for Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design and advocates a comprehensive understanding of user comfort balanced with innovative and sustainable design strategies.

Suzanne Potjer

Urban Futures Studio, University Utrecht, NL

Suzanne Potjer is the Project Lead of the Urban Futures Studio project “Experimenting with Cities”. She focuses on the question of how cities can learn from each other in a multi-level governance context and how experiments can incentivize this.

Jörg Schröder

Leibniz Universität, Hannover, DE

Jörg Schröder is Professor of Urban Planning at Leibniz University – an expert on peripheries and urban-rural cooperation, observing dynamic developments and changing relations outside metropolitan areas.

André Bleicher

University of Applied Sciences Biberach, DE

André Blaicher is president of Biberach University of Applied Sciences. He has launched an initiative to reposition the University. The InnoSüd network as a catalyst for knowledge transfer and platform to support civic change in the region and beyond.