Speaker Overview


ULM/GER | 26.09.2019


Alexander Wetzig

Former major, Ulm, DE

Alexander Wetzig has incited, pushed, facilitated and fought for urban projects in Ulm, that go far beyond everyday practice. As an urban planner, he is a renowned advocate of building culture as an essential base for the quality of life in a city. Alexander has motivated politicians, entrepreneurs and citizens in Ulm to believe in benefits of co-ordinated urban development. Interventions like Neue Mitte Ulm, which reintegrated a large scale traffic scheme into the city or public buildings like the library have entered the professional discussion on a national level.

Alexander is a realist as much as a visionary. He is convinced that civil engagement and participation are similarly important to successful urban development as architectural qualities of public spaces. As president of the HfG Foundation he is keen on increasing its reputation as an important design but also emancipatory political movement.

His powerful public appearance has also shaped professional organizations such as the German Academy for Urban and Regional Spatial Planning (DASL), Association of German Architects (BDA) or the Association of German Cities (Deutscher Städtetag).     Foto: Matthias Kessler SWP

He will be part of the panel COMPACT + PRODUCTIVE at the Urban Land Conference.