Speaker Overview


ULM/GER | 26.09.2019


André Bleicher

University of Applied Sciences Biberach, DE

André Bleicher is Professor for environmental economics, business development and strategic management. His research focuses on critical management theory, relations and organizational models within or across organizations, institutions and civic stakeholders. He is interested in analyzing these connections – but even more in influencing and shaping them for the public benefit. As president of the University he emphasizes the relevance of the academic realm for transformational social progress.
He is an idealist and man of action, convinced that the engagement of Universities is indispensable to drive the achievement of sustainability goals and that political dialogue and critical participation must be spurred and served by academic activities. André appreciates critical discourses and has earned reputation as an earnest advocate for unconventional university practice. He continues to leave his imprint in political and civic negotiations and has been influential in national committees.

He will be part of the panel COORDINATED + EXPERIMENTAL at the Urban Land Conference.