Speaker Overview


ULM/GER | 26.09.2019


Andreas Hofer

IBA27, Stuttgart, DE

As the director of the IBA27 in the Stuttgart Region, Andreas Hofer has developed an ambitious approach with far reaching objectives. The region is taken as a reference frame, beyond municipal boundaries, to discuss equitable models of spending resources. It is understood as a habitat that is constantly challenged by competing needs, political demands, economic processes and cultural images. IBA27 offers a platform to generate and communicate visions and ideas for a resilient and socially balanced urban region. Andreas is an expert for innovative planning strategies and participatory process design.

In the past he developed influential projects for the cooperatives Kraftwerk1 and mehr als wohnen in Zurich. The cooperative has implemented mixed housing projects such as “Hunziker Areal”, introducing urban qualities in Zurich’s fragmented periphery. He is a visionary who has become known for approaches that transform industrial real estate into collaborative, innovative, sustainable and affordable housing. Foto: IBA GmbH

He will be part of the panel COORDINATED + EXPERIMENTAL at the Urban Land Conference.