Speaker Overview


ULM/GER | 26.09.2019


Isabel Finkenberger

Studio if+, Cologne, DE

Isabel Maria Finkenberger’s practice is dedicated to have an impact on urban quarters. This is true for her planning practice as well as academic work. She mixes traditional planning tools such as potential analysis, communication and process management with an innovative approach to project development. There she mixes experimental tools such as the atlas of resources, the urban safari, speed design, extreme testing workshops to unravel spatial talents or conflicting stakeholder interests.

Her publications refer to the relationship between urban planning, artistic practices and cultural institutions.

Isabel’s projects reach beyond planning and intent to achieve accessibility and change through cultural practices. She has become involved in theatre, advocating that contemporary urban and theatrical practice have similarly become dynamic, conceptual and flexible. Experiments like a theatrical conference in Cologne have investigated how the theatre can stage the urban and vice versa. She has lectured about interdependencies between design and research within different process characteristics.

She will be part of the panel COORDINATED + EXPERIMENTAL at the Urban Land Conference.