Speaker Overview


ULM/GER | 26.09.2019


Joachim Declerck

Architecture Workroom, Brussel, BE

Joachim Declerck is an architect and urban designer who co-founded Workroom Brussels (AWB), an innovative architectural practice that spurs and qualifies a dynamic discourse on urban futures. Architecture Workroom Brussels has been an initiator, a mediator and a platform to create space and conditions for innovative architecture and research by design. For Joachim the discipline of urban design is a tool that can contribute substantially to answer bigger societal challenges and changes.

AWB’s long-term strategic work includes visionary housing, productive landscapes, caring neighbourhoods and an approach to the productive city. As a platform for research by design and knowledge sharing, AWB contributes to broaden the public debate. Knowledge development and innovation in urban development and urban policy are key elements in Joachim’s professional practice. He curated the Rotterdam Biennale 2018 “‘The Missing Link”, which looks for strategies, coalitions, and organizational structures that foster concrete, substantial and lasting spatial transformation.

He will be part of the panel COMPACT + PRODUCTIVE at the Urban Land Conference.