Speaker Overview


ULM/GER | 26.09.2019


Leona Lynen

Haus der Statistik, Berlin, DE

Leona Lynen advocates for another quality of urban territories. As part of ZUsammenKUNFT eG, cooperative for urban development, she is a project-developer of a different kind: together with her fellow comrades she generates new urban spaces through co-operation at eye-level among multiple stakeholders from civil society and political leadership. She has joined, inspired and researched numerous projects, which encourage alternative ways of reading, living and creating the city. She is an advocate for circular urban economies, temporary intervention, inclusive neigbourhoods and experimental practices to shape resilient urban futures.
Leona is a driving force for the transformation of “Haus der Statistik” – a vast, unoccupied administration building in the centre of Berlin. A new co-operation model is carried by an alliance of initiative-takers from civil society and public authorities, involving a state-owned housing association, neighbourhood and civic stakeholders alike. Here, forward-looking pragmatism and critical moderation are crucial to create consensual transformation for the common good. Leona is an experienced facilitator, working in Berlin and across continents as project lead and researcher for numerous Goethe-Institutes, the BBSR and at CRCLR – Berlin’s first house for circular economy.   Foto: Kai Müller

She will be part of the panel COORDINATED + EXPERIMENTAL at the Urban Land Conference.