Speaker Overview


ULM/GER | 26.09.2019


Suzanne Potjer

Urban Futures Studio, University Utrecht, NL

Suzanne is a pioneer in the Utrecht University’s Urban Futures Studio educational approach creating unconventional collaborations. Through action research, the Future Studio investigates how these collaborations can be further systematized to speed up the quest of finding innovative solutions to urban challenges.

Her research on experimentation has become influential on the European level. Closely connected to the Urban Agenda for the EU, the Urban Futures Studio has formulated how the unique strength of cities and their experimental potential can be employed to address big global issues.

Suzanne is convinced that our action in the present is profoundly influenced by expectations we have of our future, an essential reason why positive visions are indispensable. She has investigated how horizontal networks of cities such as C40, ICLEI and EUROCITIES or multi-level collaborations like the Urban Agenda for the EU can use their potential for true innovation through experimentation. With her current research she argues for the necessity that local actors have to learn from each other. Actors on all levels of government can profit from openness to innovation and experiments.

She will be part of the panel COMPACT + PRODUCTIVE at the Urban Land Conference.