Speaker Overview


ULM/GER | 26.09.2019


Tom Holbrook

5th Studio

Tom Holbrook is founding director of 5th Studio Architecture and Urbanism, London, a unique spatial design agency working across the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and infrastructure planning. In combination with practice, Tom is Professor and Industry Fellow at RMIT University. He has developed an approach to strategic thinking that explores the dynamics between architecture and the scale of infrastructure and landscape. The relationship between research and practice has encouraged design innovation and a fresh attitude towards complex regeneration projects.

5th Studio are working in some of the most challenging regeneration and masterplanning locations in the UK, from Europe’s largest industrial estate, through the Olympic Park and Lea Valley, to the future shape of Cambridge. Their practice extends the role of the designer and seeks true influence in shaping a resilient world. The projects engage with environmental sustainability from the beginning, an approach based on belief in the value of innovative and strategic – rather than bolt-on – technological measures.

Tom Holbrook will be part of the panel CONNECTED + BALANCED at the Urban Land Conference.